Bible Reading & Prayer Journal

A quiet time is 20-30 minutes set aside for conversation with God through Bible reading and prayer. The Reading & Prayer Journal Guide provides a basic plan to help you get started and stay faithful.  Use steps 1-5 below to guide your daily reading and step 6 for your prayers.

For a printable version of the Reading & Prayer Journal click here (PDF).

You will need:

  • An easy to read Bible without a lot of notes or distractions.  
  • A reading plan.
  • Paper and a pen.



Scripture Passage:

 1. Relax

Get quiet in God’s presence.

Spend time quieting your heart in God’s presence, enjoying his company and thinking about his blessings.

 2. Request

Ask God to meet with you.

Invite God to spend time with you, to guide your thinking and your prayers.

 3. Read

Listen to God’s Words.

Read scripture.  It is nourishment for your soul.

 4. Reflect

Consider what God’s Words mean.

Write in your Reading Journal.

Make short notes that help you think through what God is saying.

That time: What did it mean when it was first spoken?

All time: What does it mean for all time? 

My time: What does it mean for me now?

 5. Remember

Write down 1-2 things you want to remember or do.

Write in your Reading Journal.

Make short notes about what you want to remember or do as a result of your reading. 

 6. Request

Talk to God in prayer.

Write in your Prayer Journal.





Adapted from Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods and The Starving Baker by Tim Elmore.



Scripture Passage: Matthew 7: 7-11 Date: October 2, 2006

 1. Relax in God’s presence

 2. Request God’s guidance

 3. Read God’s word

 4. Reflect What does this      scripture mean?

That time:

All time:



My Time:        



vs. 7 believers should ask – seek – knock

vs. 8 all who ask receive

       he who seeks finds

       the one keeps knocking gets doors opened

vs. 9-11  if we, being evil, give good things to our kids when they ask, how can we expect our heavenly father to respond when we ask?

Keep praying because God can be trusted to do what’s right and good with our requests – like a wise father.

 5. Remember

      What’s the “take

      away” from this

      scripture for you? 

      To remember?

      To do?


I will keep praying about __________, even though it seems like God hasn’t been listening. 



I’ll remember that God is not hard-hearted or an unhearing father. 

 6. Request

Dear Father,

You are a good father to me.  Thank you for reminding me of what you’re really like. 

Forgive me for thinking badly of you because my prayer hasn’t been answered when or how I thought it would be.

I bring this request to you again:

This seems like a good request to me & I really want it, but I trust you to answer it according to your wisdom.      



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